Winners Announced

We had some incredible submissions this year and we are happy to announce the top 3 entries

Phoenix by Philip Woods from UNC Greensboro

Luminous by Connor Dolby from UNF

Something Carved and Real by King Yaw Soon from SFSU

How it all worked

We gave students a chance to get inspired, and show off their sweet design skills. Simply — they got to choose any CMF film and create a movie poster for it! Participants could win a one year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, up to $2,000 in cash prizing, and have their work seen by thousands of film fans across the country!

What was at stake

    The Top 30 designs chosen from all over the world had their work displayed at TERMINUS — a four day festival, convention, and party for filmmakers, designers, gamers, and everyone in between — in Atlanta, from June 22-25, 2017!

    The Top 3 entries also won a year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud and some incredible cash prizes:

    1st Place: $2,000
    2nd Place: $750
    3rd Place: $250


Q: What is Picture This?
A: Choose any CMF film and create a movie poster for it -- it’s that easy! You could win up to $2,000 in cash prizing, and have your work seen by thousands of film fans across the country. The Top 30 designs will be displayed at TERMINUS Conference & Festival in Atlanta, with the Top 3 winners taking home some super sweet prizes.

Q: Can I submit more than one project?
A: You can certainly submit more than one project. However, each student is eligible to win only one prize.

Q: Can we work in teams?
A: You may work in teams as long as everyone on the team is a student currently enrolled in a college or university. However, only the submitting student will be identified as the winner and only one prize will be given out per winning entry.

Q: How much does it cost to submit?
A: Picture This is free! It costs exactly $0.00 to submit to this contest!

Q: Do I have to be a student?
A: Yes! You must be a student enrolled in a college or university in one of our eligible countries. See Official Rules for a complete list. You must also be able to present valid student identification upon request.

Q: Are there any restrictions regarding content?
A: Submissions must not contain any nudity, references to drug or alcohol use, violence, discriminatory language, profanity, or otherwise inappropriate material. As a basic guideline, submissions should be acceptable for a PG audience.

Q: What about copyright restrictions? Am I allowed to use any copyrighted logos or concepts?
A: You are not allowed to use copyrighted materials of any kind, unless specified as royalty-free. Any submissions that fail to meet these standards will be disqualified! Please read our official rules for more details.

Q: What size does the poster need to be?
A: Your poster must be 18" x 24” with a minimum of 300dpi and maximum file size of 500mb

Q: What format does the poster need to be?
A: We can accept .jpeg, .pdf, or .png

Q: What if I don’t have software to create a poster?
A: Adobe Creative Cloud has all the tools you need! You can download a free trial here.

Q: Where do I find movies to make a poster of?
A: Click on a school below to find their movies!